Our Story

Eros Blk was started to build a natural skincare brand focusing on encouraging men to be comfortable with taking care of their appearance, skin and well-being.

The inspiration came from constantly searching for a product that catered towards skin needs of people with curly hair who are more prone to getting razor bumps and burns from shaving, unfortunately stopping this from happening when clean shaving is near impossible so our founders focus moved on to creating a combination of natural products to promote the soothing and cooling of the after shave. After a long time of researching and testing products the perfect combination came about for our Razor Bump Serum.

Along with building a natural brand was to make a packaging and bottle combination which elevated any shelf it was put on,  the black matte glass with frosted tinge and slender shape came to be very popular.


When formulating products, our key consideration is to ensure that only the best quality natural and organic ingredients are used. We spend a lot of time researching ingredients before trialling them to test their suitability. We then source the best possible version of each ingredient that we can find. By ensuring we use only the highest quality ingredients, this in turn ensures that the products have the most benefit for your skin.

If there is an organic version of an ingredient available where the quality meets our strict requirements, then we will use it.