Ultimate Derma Roller/ Facial Roller Guide

If you are here it's probably because you have heard amazing things about Derma Rolling but not sure of the exact benefits or how to implement it into your skin or beard routine.

What is Derma rolling? 

Derma rolling is one of the ultimate skincare at-home tools. It creates tiny micro-channels in your skin. You might wonder why anyone would want to do that, so let us explain.

Fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation are all said to be diminished with regular derma rolling. This prompts the skin’s healing process, leading to skin regeneration and to the production of anti-aging substances such as collagen and elastin.

Why should I try it?

Derma rollers have a number of uses, but the main ones are for improving pigmentation issues and improving the surface of the skin. It also has great effects for beard and hair line growth, Micro-needling is used on the areas you want to help stimulate hair follicle growth. It works by tricking your brain into thinking the area is injured, thus increasing blood-flow, skin rejuvination and a boost of essential nutrients for follicles to grow.

Bigger Bonus

As if derma rolling wasn’t brilliant enough already, it has the added bonus of helping your skin to absorb products more effectively. When you apply a serum or moisturiser after derma rolling, it helps the skin absorbs up those active ingredients and they get to work extra hard for you. Using products full of ingredients like hyaluronic acid or lots of antioxidants after rolling is great for your skin. Try to avoid using exfoliating products or anything with a high alcohol content.


Is It Safe, How do I Use a Derma Roller?

If you have an active breakout in one particular area, you can still use your derma roller on the rest of your face. In fact, derma rolling is great for healing acne scars left from previous breakouts, just avoid that area when the breakout is present. Once the inflammation has completely gone, you’re good to start rolling! 

Lets Go

Step 1 - Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap

Step 2 - Remove the Derma Roller from its container.

Step 3 - Spray it with alcohol solution and wash with warm water to sterilise, leave to dry on paper towel on the side.

Step 4 - Prepare the skin for treatment with an antiseptic or saline wash and apply your favourite face serum

Step 5 - Hold the skin and roll over each section, once up and down, once side to side, and once diagonally in about 3cm sections x 4 Use moderate pressure, don't press too hard the goal isn't to cause pain.

Step 6 - Now’s the time to re-apply any products. Be sure to avoid using anything with fragrances or exfoliants after you roll, as this can cause irritation (big ouch)

Step 7 -  Once you have finished rolling, it is essential to sanitise roller using a sanitising spray or solution to avoid the build-up of bacteria. Then pop it back in its cradle and close the lid. 

When Using the Derma Roller for beard and hair follicle growth, treat the beard or hair line and patchy areas of the cheeks where growth is low.



Start once a week to see how your skin reacts to the needles.

If everything’s looking good, you can increase the frequency to two or three times a week.

Just make sure you aren’t going over the 2-minute limit each time.